Higher protein breakfasts have been linked with decreased mid-morning snacks, more sustainable energy and greater recovery from training (via contributing to total daily protein intake)

The thing is, when you’re waking up with exactly 45 minutes to get up, get showered, dressed and out the door? Making a full on omelette can feel like a Herculean task. And that’s not even taking into account if you have kids…

Enter the breakfast muffin- the perfect morning recipe to batch cook on a Sunday then blitz in the microwave whilst your coffee’s brewing, to get your day off the right start without the hassle of waking up any earlierThis has been a favourite in our household for years, and we’ve seen numerous clients at our Personal Training Studio in Milton Keynes find this exact tactic a godsend for navigating one of the most difficult meals of the day

(also with the concept of breakfast muffins in mind, get creative and add whatever ingredients you prefer! The recipe below is fantastic, but it all comes down to how you like your eggs in the morning (and yes, I do expect you’re now singing that song in your head, I am too)

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