The Armoury’s One To One Personal Training helps busy men and women to build lean, athletic, healthy physiques without the frustrations, rigidity & ‘bounce-back’



Our 6 Week Nutrition Coaching Project is ideal if you’re tired of yo-yo dieting, sick of juice cleanses and fads, and want to finally take control of your health and physique.


  • Your Nutrition Transformation Roadmap- where you and your coach will work together to break down your long term goals into step-by-step targets, so there’s a crystal clear vision and path to take you away from frustration, and towards your ideal physique, fitness, strength and energy levels
  • Your Lifestyle-Audit, you and your coach will look at your current habits to effectively establish which are bringing your closer to your goals, and which are moving you further away (to adjust from there)
  • Weekly 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions in a private studio or Zoom, to set weekly nutrition and lifestyle targets, reflect on the last week, and ensure you’re accountable to your goals and progression
  • Exclusive access to The Armoury Coaching Academy- your online platform that gives you all the additional tools you need to win at life- from recipe books, to follow along mobility and yoga video, we’ve got your back every step of the way
  • Your Coach in your pocket- Your coach is available for advice and help via email in between face to face sessions, alongside giving you tools and tricks to use in day to day life to create a healthy and balanced approach to “dieting” and nutrition


Our Nutrition Coaching Program will have you covered whether fat loss, performance or muscle growth is your primary goal. You can expect your progress speed to double when solid nutrition coaching has your back (and you won’t bounce back either!)

By the end of the 6 weeks with your fitness coach in Milton Keynes you won’t have followed a ‘diet plan’, you’ll have created sustainable lifestyle changes to mean you’ll never need to “diet” again


Our 1-2-1 Personal Training Packages run for either 6 weeks initially, with the option to continuing on a month-to-month basis without any sticky long-term contracts, making our partnership entirely results driven

All options include the above benefits and service, and can expect exceptional results, starting from £537



Want to see if our Nutrition Coaching is the right approach for you? We offer a zero-obligation coaching call so you can have peace of mind in your choice. To grab your slot, or ask any questions you might have- just fill in your details below: * INDICATES REQUIRED FIELD


Due to the current national lockdown, our physical Studio is currently closed- however we’re still delivering world class Personal Training Sessions to ensure you can put your health first when it’s most important

All PT sessions are now delivered either live via Zoom, or 1-2-1 in a public, outdoor area with social distancing measures adhered to

Your health & fitness is our priority, so if you feel ready to take action and leave this lockdown in better physical and mental shape than you entered it? Claim your trial session above, and we’ll get in touch



How does a Nutrition Coaching Transformation Start?
Each nutrition coaching transformation starts with an in-depth chat with your coach, where they pin-point exactly where you’re currently at, where you want to get to, and what’s standing in the way. This first session is about getting to know you, and ensuring the approach we take together creates long-term change, rather than a quick yo-yo effect.
How much time do I need to dedicate to the program?
​Your Nutrition Transformation Programme is 6 weeks in length, with the option to continue afterwards if needed (the goal is to make sure after your programme however, you not only get amazing results, but never need to “diet” again).
How is this different from slimming world, Weight Watchers etc?
Nutrition Coaching at the Armoury isn’t about telling you what to it. These approaches that give points to food items, and restrict your eating lead to bouncing up and down in weight, and leave you in the dark with how to eat for long-term success. Our approach allows you to still eat the foods you love, and get the results you want- without bouncing back. Our coaching is 1-2-1 because your situation is unique, and we believe it deserves that attention. Alongside your bespoke habit & nutrition coaching you’ll also have access to a complete membership site for even more knowledge ​(in fact, access to this information alone gives you to power to never be confused with fad diets again)
How fast can I see results?
We could make bold claims like “you’ll drop 20lbs in 6 weeks” (if we asked you to eat salads and dust for every meal)- but that would lead to a yo-yo effect and hating us as studio instead, the approach we take? Is for long-term progress. Sure, we’ve had 15-odd pounds lost in the 6 weeks, but that’s not always the goal. ​Everyone’s “wins” are different- for some people it’s losing 2 inches off their waist- for others it may be not feeling guilty when enjoying a slice of cake, and not feeling the need to always be extreme with an on/off diet mentality. ​Fast isn’t the goal- sustainability is.
Will there be other people there for our meetings?
One of the things our clients love the most about our studio, is that it’s a private facility. This includes your nutrition coaching, which is in a private office with just you and your coach
Question: How do I know if Nutrition Coaching is right for me?
There’s only one way to find out- add your details above, and we’ll get you booked in for a free trial to see if we’re a fit