Let’s be honest here, most New Years resolutions?

are abandoned by mid-March.

Because the majority of these New Years commitments to working out & eating kale salads all day? Are doomed from the outset (especially looking back at 2020, with gyms closing and opening every 15 minutes)

Regardless of pandemic related setbacks however, they historically tend to start off on the wrong foot…

No real goal setting and poor planning. Honestly, it’s not a surprise the average ‘diet‘ allegedly lasts around 5 weeks for most

Before you know it, the majority of people enthusiastically setting loft 2021 aims? Are back chilling in their PJs vowing they’ll do it next year, before everyone’s even got their Christmas decorations downYou however? You aren’t ‘most people’

Or at least, you’re reading the exact blog that will stop you from being ‘most people’

So, before blindly committing to hitting that dress size, fitting that dinner jacket, or having Jason Statham-like abs come summer time…

Have a careful read through this guide- and let’s actually make 2021 the year you set a goal, and triumphantly reflect on hitting it, whilst sipping champagne on the lead up the New Year 22′ (when hopefully celebrations will feel a little more normal again…)


“I want to lose weight” is a sentiment too often followed by an ineffective attempt at doing so

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a valuable starting point when setting a target, but if you’d like to avoid being in the exact same spot in 3 months time, then there’s value in digging deeper…

A goal should be specific and measurable, and above all, must resonate with you. It has to inspire you to take action, and make choices that consistently allow you to stride closer each day

It should be powerful enough that when you do “fall off the wagon” (which you will)- that you’re motivated enough by the outcome to get back on the horse (or wagon again… I’m switching metaphors around quite a lot here)

To reach such as powerful goal, you need to take the original, surface level “I want to lose weight” declaration, and ask yourself “why” (as we do in the text exchange here)

So we just went from “I want to lose weight”, to a specific, and tangible outcome:

Our ‘What?’– To fitting back into the old swimming shorts

Our ‘Why?‘- So we feel confident on holiday, and our kids don’t see us as a ‘Fat Dad’

​Our ‘When?‘- By the trip in July

That conversation (either with yourself, or a coach/friend) can be a difficult one. But, after 10 years of training people, and having these goal setting talks? Those that are able to get to their real why? Those are the people that will achieve their goal, over those being vague & generic

That is of course, once they tackle the next requirement…


When we onboard new Armoury Athletes (clients) to our Personal Training studio in Milton Keynes, we have them fill in an in-depth lifestyle questionnaire

After their initial goal setting session they’ll then sit down with our nutritionist, with current behaviours and ideal outcome to hand, and go through their habits with a fine tooth-comb

The Athlete and coach will then pinpoint 3-5 actions to begin that’ll bring them from point A (where they are now), towards point Z (where they want to be)

It might, for example, be increasing water intake to help improve energy levels and curb cravings, hitting the Studio three days a week, and aiming for a long walk on days off. 

And until it’s time to check in on the outcomes, those processes? Become the daily goal. 

(If you’re thinking about what you could implement, this blog on the 3 diets we’ve seen be more successful for fat loss might help).

Being driven by processes is key to long term success. Especially if you’ve set a target with a “why”, and are checking in on progress on regular intervals (in the studio we check performance in training every single session, but also have our 1-2-1 reflection consults every 6 weeks for specific barometers such as measurements)

if you’d like to have a chat about how we might be able to help you in the New Year to achieve the same? Click Here, and grab your complimentary trial in the studio

if you’d rathe wait and go it alone- then take your time, set a target you actually care about THEN set your actions to get there. Because focusing on the journey one step at a time is the surest way to avoid getting tripped up

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