Put an end to the mid-afternoon slump, or having to bust out the WD40 in order to squeeze into your best suit-trousers or dress


I’m guessing you’ve either ended up here from a quick google search for a personal trainer in Milton Keynes, via a recommendation from a friend, or navigated your way over from one of our hilarious, insightful & poignant social media posts

So now you’re looking around, trying to figure out if we’re the answer you’re looking for (and frankly, we’d love to know if we are too)

So let’s start simple: who are we?

The Armoury Coaching Studio is a Small Group (up to six clients to one coach) & Personal Training Facility in Milton Keynes. We provide bespoke training, nutrition guidance and a mix of both accountability and community that strives to make fitness and health a valued and enjoyable part of your life, rather than a chore

We take men and women that have had a stop-start relationship with exercise and “dieting”, and give them the tools, guidance and support to not only achieve impressive short-term body transformations, but also to create the framework to keep and build upon their results for life

The Armoury Coaching Studio was founded by it’s Head Coach, Lewis (the man now awkwardly typing in the third person), in 2018- after over 10 years in the industry, and over 10,000 Personal Training hours

After years of travelling around the world coaching in the UK, Australia, New Zealand & Canada (and a brief stint of fighting for money in Thailand), Lewis began to see repeating trends in the fitness industry…

Gyms that charge you for access to a room of complex equipment with no actual map to getting results. Chains that care more about revenue and sales than their actual members. Personal Trainers that are focused more on making their clients “suffer & sweat”, rather than programming for long term transformations and recording progress. Sticky 12 Month contracts that mean people feel trapped paying for memberships they aren’t using, and either ignoring the nutrition aspect of amazing results, or giving complete “bro-science” diet advice

Which is why in February 2019, Lewis & Gen (his now wife), opened the doors to The Armoury Coaching Studio in Milton Keynes

Where we took that list (I’m typing 1st person again now apparently) of all the problems with the industry, and put a cross through them one by one. 

We created a system of programming and support that allowed us to be 100% results driven (with money back guarantees to ensure we stuck with our word). We abolished the concept of 12 month contracts, so our clients stay because they’re kicking goals rather than feeling trapped. We implemented nutrition and lifestyle coaching as standard into every one of our packages, so everyone has every piece of the puzzle (and even made a membership site for further education so we’d be the last coaches anyone would ever need)

Put simply, we created the experience that should have already existed

And since then? Well, I think the fact the majority of our growth as a coaching studio comes from our happy clients recommending their friends and family is a testament to not only our commitment to bucking the trend of a broken industry, but also to our the amazing people we’ve gotten to work with since early 2018



How do you know if we’re the right Personal Trainers in Milton Keynes to help you get from point A (where you are now), to point B (where you want to be)?

For over a decade we’ve been helping men and women achieve results they never thought were possible, often after years of frustration and empty promises from solutions they’d tried previously

We work with any man or woman that are willing to step up, and make a change

If you find yourself nodding or muttering “yes” to any of these questions…

  • Have you found clothes fitting snugger and snugger each passing year, all in the “wrong” areas?
  • Were you shocked the last time you stepped onto the scales (or actively avoid doing so)?
  • Ever found yourself wheezing like you’ve just run an Ironman after climbing a flight of stairs, or attempted an impromptu kickabout in the garden?
  • Have you found yourself internally cringing whenever a full-body shot of you gets uploaded to Facebook, and you can see your physique from a less-than-flattering angle?
  • Do you wish you could just look forward to holidays, without dreading how you’ll feel on the beach?
  • Have you started to recognise that taking action isn’t all about being vain, rather being around to be active and present for your family (be it partner, kids, or (future or current) grandkids)?
  • Have you been discouraged by a boring training plan or bland diet in the past, and though that “dieting” & “training” just aren’t for you’?

If so? Then now is the time to do something about it. And here at the Armoury, it’d be an honour to be able to help. CLICK HERE to apply for a free, zero obligation consult or trial- nobody else will take the action for you, so if you’re waiting for a sign? This is it.