Month: January 2021


There are two general reactions to press ups when they’re added to a Personal Training Programme for our clients…

“Gah, I suck at those”, or an incredulous “aren’t press ups for beginners”?

The truth is, you can get in great shape with this upper body staple, which may or may not be the oldest exercise known to man (I have no idea if that’s true, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?). It can be a tough challenge if you’ve never trained before, or if you grew up pushing a dumbbell around in a pram and snacked on protein cookies instead of Oreos

and it’s value as an exercise has sky rocketed due to it’s accessibility in 2020, with so many gyms being closed

So, the big question…. “How on earth can I programme press ups to get results?”


Higher protein breakfasts have been linked with decreased mid-morning snacks, more sustainable energy and greater recovery from training (via contributing to total daily protein intake)

The thing is, when you’re waking up with exactly 45 minutes to get up, get showered, dressed and out the door? Making a full on omelette can feel like a Herculean task. And that’s not even taking into account if you have kids…

Enter the breakfast muffin- the perfect morning recipe to batch cook on a Sunday then blitz in the microwave whilst your coffee’s brewing, to get your day off the right start without the hassle of waking up any earlier


Let’s be honest here, most New Years resolutions?

are abandoned by mid-March.

Because the majority of these New Years commitments to working out & eating kale salads all day? Are doomed from the outset (especially looking back at 2020, with gyms closing and opening every 15 minutes)

Regardless of pandemic related setbacks however, they historically tend to start off on the wrong foot…

No real goal setting and poor planning. Honestly, it’s not a surprise the average ‘diet’ allegedly lasts around 5 weeks for most

Before you know it, the majority of people enthusiastically setting loft 2021 aims? Are back chilling in their PJs vowing they’ll do it next year, before everyone’s even got their Christmas decorations down

Hello world!

This tutorial shows you how to deploy a sample application to App Engine using the gcloud command.

Here are the steps you will be taking.

Create a project

Projects bundle code, VMs, and other resources together for easier development and monitoring.

Build and run your “Hello, world!” app

You will learn how to run your app using Cloud Shell, right in your browser. At the end, you’ll deploy your app to the web using the gcloud command.

After the tutorial…

Your app will be real and you’ll be able to experiment with it after you deploy, or you can remove it and start fresh.